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About Riikc

Mexican artist in Brussels
Sculpture | Painting | Photography


Riikc combines traditional sculptural techniques with new and experimental materials, practices, and methods.

His goal is to use modern technologies and concepts to illuminate the continued, or even renewed relevance of techniques such as lost-wax bronze casting and oxidation.


Riikc works mainly with themes drawn from geometric patterns, particularly as they appear in nature;  the landscapes of his many homes; the interactions between nature and the built environment; and the richness of ancient belief systems.

Collaborations & Sponsorship


08/2022 — – “3D Printed Skull Lights Up DEFCON”

03/2022 — BRUZZ – “Artist Ricardo Martínez Herrera: ‘I’m working on a brain that fills the whole room.”

03/2021 — Diario Financiero – Los destinos paradisíacos que buscan atraer a los teletrabajadores chilenos.

02/2021 — YMCB –Ricardo’s Entrepreneurial Journey

01/2021 — – Ricardo Martínez Herrera e la scultura con 3Doodler da Death Stranding

01/2021 — – Mexikanischer Künstler entwirft beeindruckende Kunstwerke mit dem 3Doodler 3D-Druck-Stift

01/2021 — – “3D Doodler Creates “Death Stranding” Baby and Sophisticated Art with 3D Printing Pen

11/2019 — BOZAR – Equal Participation of the next generation in the digital era

01/2017 — El Horizonte – Triunfa con su pluma 3D en Europa

05/2016 — INSIDER – LIX 3D Pen

04/2016 — Milenio – El espíritu de solidaridad esta en todas partes

04/2015 — El Pulso San Luis Potosi – “Triunfa potosino en Bruselas”

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Events & installations

08/2022 — Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA — Memento Vivere interactive exposition.

08/2022 — DEFCON 30, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA — “Memento Vivere” sculpture presentation and 3D pen workshop.

08/2021 — Sachsenhausen Memorial, Berlin, DE – Developed and led a weeklong, 3D pen workshop for university students.
11/2019 — MolenGeek Makers Weekend, Brussels, BE – Organizer and lead technical coach for this “Hackathon,” in partnership with MolenGeek and cityfab1.
09/2017 — United Nations, New York, USA – Presentation of Public-Private Partnership good practices
2015 — Toujours Plus à l’Ouest, Brussels, BE – Sculpture exposition with the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.
2015 — Triennale de l’Art et du  Végétale, Ath, BE – Public installation created for the citywide event.
2015 — Espace Saint Bernard, Brussels, BE – Sculpture and painting exposition in a private gallery.
2014 — Plus à l’Ouest, Brussels, BE – Sculpture exposition with the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.