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  /    /  IOT Installation  /  Memento Vivere: A connected light installation on cerebral (dys)function

Memento Vivere: A connected light installation on cerebral (dys)function


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This light installation “Memento Vivere” is made up of several connected objects, which will interact with spectators as they pass through the event space. The aim of this multidisciplinary project is to give viewers an experience at the intersection of art and technology, by pushing the public to think critically about the relationship between technology and cognitive function (or even dysfunction).


The installation consists of a series of electroluminescent cables that emerge out of a skull structure built using 3D pen technology. The cables together form a massive connected object, which responds to the interactions of its spectators. Different cables and sectors of the installation will light up according to the movement in front of the piece, the acoustic vibration, and the electronic objects that are present in the room. The spectator is thus encouraged to move and walk in front of the installation, to discover the actions that stimulate the brain.


The IoT technology used in this piece reflects the guiding question of this project: over time, how does the Internet influence our mental functions, human creativity, and the connections between people? IoT sensors can be used to stimulate, and perhaps even expand, the brain’s function. However, when taken to its extreme, the overstimulation generated by a constant flow of information from IoT capture points to the brain, leads to a degradation of some of the functions that make up the foundation of a human being. I hope to convey the message that technology creates an important bridge between people and ideas, while encouraging healthy criticism or interrogation of the influence that digital tools have in our lives.


This project is being developed in collaboration with Dr. Frederik Van Gestel, a neuroscience researcher at UZ Brussel, who focuses on the uses of XR technologies in neuro rehabilitation. This piece was first initiated through research funding provided by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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