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1715 is a steel sculpture located in the city of Ath, Belgium. The city commissioned this sculpture in June 2015, for the Triennale de l’Art et du Vegetal. The event celebrated the 300th anniversary of the local legend of the marriage of Goliath, for whom the city was named.


Riikc created the sculpture using 1,200 kilos of steel sheets, which he welded at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts. Once welded, he transported the 8 different sections and assembled them in the Promenade du Roi Baudoin.


Riikc designed this sculpture for public engagement and interaction. As such, passersby can stand on the sculpture to “become a giant” and look at the city from a different perspective. The shape of the sculpture is based on the original map of the fortifications surrounding the city. Based on this map, Riikc lifted each barrier up from the ground into a dynamic intervention of the space.




Ville d'Ath